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The Mt. Clemens depot museum has reopened. The roof work is finished now. The depot museum is open 1pm-4pm every Saturday and Sunday again.

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Michigan Transit Museum was established in 1973 as a non-profit corporation to compile and record historical data on mass transportation systems and equipment, and to collect, preserve, display and operate such equipment.


You can help support our museum by donating through PayPal

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or mailing a check or money order to:

Michigan Transit Museum
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Membership to the Michigan Transit Museum is open to anyone who is interested in railroad history and would like to help with our various projects. Membership Applications are available at the depot museum, caboose, or you may download and print the form on your computer by visiting our membership page. Our organization operates on the aspirations of it's members. Member volunteers are always needed to help maintain the trackage, equipment and historic depot.

The depot was built for the Chicago, Detroit & Canada Grand Trunk Junction Railway to serve the growing village and county seat of Macomb County: Mount Clemens. In 1862 at this depot, young Thomas Edison saved the station agent's small child from certain death. The child was on the tracks in the path of a rolling box car. In appreciation, the station agent taught Tom telegraphy. And so began Edison's short career in railroading. Some of his earliest inventions were based on what he learned at the station. The depot continued in railroad use until 1980, when the City of Mount Clemens bought it and leased it to Michigan Transit Museum for use as its headquarters and museum. The depot is now restored to its 1900 appearance. Inside are exhibits surrounding railroading of that era. Also inside is a railroad gift shop. There's quite a selection of items available that make great gifts or conversation pieces. As a reminder, the train depot is unfortunately NOT the location from which the Trolley-Train departs.

Our equipment is continuously undergoing restorations, upgrades and historical renovations. You will normally see our former United States Air Force Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton RS4TC #4040 diesel switcher operating with our Southshore #11 car. When one project takes equipment out of service, we replace it with another historic piece of equipment. Check with your conductor for up to date information on the car you are riding in. There is no smoking, eating or drinking on any of our equipment, due to the historic nature of the cars. We appreciate your cooperation.

Our trains no longer travel to the Selfridge Military Air Museum.
Here is a link to their website for information on how to visit our friends there.

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